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Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry relies heavily on skilled professionals who possess specialized skills sets required for execution of projects. We have, through our widespread network of talent, been able to identify individuals who have the required proficiency for specialized job functions.

We used a focused sourcing strategy for specialized skills, such as utility operation, for one of the leading metal manufacturing companies in the Middle East.

The other skills that we have recruited for include production, engineering, maintenance and quality control.


Power and Utility Industry

We have catered to the human resource requirements of various power and utility projects across the Middle East. We have recruited specialists for job functions in engineering, power generation, transmission and distribution projects. We have also headhunted senior management personnel from countries like South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Middle East and India for various power and utility companies.

Smart Training & Sourcing Company was the force behind one of the biggest power and utility privatization initiatives in the Middle East. The complete IT Project team to implement SAP Utility for this initiative was recruited using our expertise.