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29 AUG

By Smartco

Category:Manpower Recruitment, Industry

Hiring for skilled workers and manpower from India.

Looking for skilled workers and Manpower supplier from India? Smart Training and Sourcing Co. is one of the best overseas recruitment consultancy in India, provides labour supply, skilled and unskilled workers from India to Saudi Arabia and Middle East Countries.

India is the leading country when it comes to skilled workers or labors. Skilled workers in India are in abundant and hence there is an ever growing overseas demand of Manpower from India.

Examples of skilled labors, include engineers, software developers, crane operators, truck drivers, electricians, mechanics, interior designers, line supervisors, machinist, plumbers, craftsmen, cooks, chef, waiters, accountants, drivers and all type of workers and labour supply from India.

The primary focus of any overseas recruitment consultancy is to provide assistance to both the job seekers and the employers. Smart Training and Sourcing Co. is one of the emerging names in terms of Quality Manpower Service providers from India in Middle East and gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, and Oman.

Overseas Manpower Consultant

Here are the lists of the advantages you can expect while using manpower recruitment consultants in India.

1) Access to Qualified and Skilled Candidates from India:

Smart Training and Sourcing Co. is one of the best overseas recruitment consultancy in India that has an access to a number of Qualified and Skilled workers in India Smart Training and Sourcing Co. have an enormous databases and enormous amount of cv’s in it, thus it proves aid in finding the right and Qualified candidate for the employers as well as for the job seekers.

2) Recruitment Expertise:

Most of the industries have very specific needs in terms of hiring candidates for their projects, Smart Training and Sourcing Co. provide professional recruiters for specific industries. Using a staffing agency that understands your industry is the key to acquire industry-specific nowledge of the trends in the job market, salary levels, and essential skills. In fact, industry-specific recruitment consultants even have access to skill-specific candidates.

3) Saves Time and Money:

The most significant benefits of hiring candidates through manpower recruitment consultants such as Smart Training and Sourcing Co. is that it saves time and money of both the recruiter and the job seekers.

The experienced recruiters of Smart Training and Sourcing Co. can hire qualified candidates much faster than your in-house recruitment team, and hence helping you to save your time and money.

Smart Training and Sourcing Co. primary tasks is to collect cv’s of qualified candidates, evaluate their skills, and select the qualified candidates by using the best and unique interview techniques and assign them for the appropriate jobs in the middle eastern and gulf countries. Smart Training and Sourcing Co. after analyzing your business and goals, will provide assistance in hiring talented and qualified candidates from India in a timely and cost-effective manner.

4) Business Growth and Innovation:

When you build a good relationship with Smart Training and Sourcing Co, your business will surely flourish along. From start-ups to well-established businesses and big multinationals, Smart Training and Sourcing Co. can work with companies of all sizes and provide them with manpower recruitment services.

5) Compliance to Recruitment Law:

Recruitment laws are often misunderstood because of their complexity. Some of the most common areas of confusion include – wages, unfair dismissals, diversity in the workplace, and maternity leave. Smart Training and Sourcing Co. consistently remain updated with the latest laws and helps you avoid legal complications as well. Thus, Smart Training and Sourcing Co. help you stay assured that employment laws are adhered to both during as well as after the hiring process.


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